The Detailed Interior
Decorating Up Close with Cullman & Kravis

By Elissa Cullman & Tracey Pruzan
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We like to say inspired rooms are more than just pretty—they have an underlying logic and layering of information. Whether it’s the inclusion of a motif that relates to geographical location, a connection we make between a client’s beloved collection and a fabric scheme, or simply an emotion that the room itself evokes, the details create a more wholly integrated environment—rich with meaning, full of sparkle and life.

Cullman & Kravis has a remarkable ability to see the whole picture and, at the same time, appreciate the smallest of its pieces and intricacies. Each of their rooms is a magnificent and elaborate tapestry—step back, and a stunning image emerges; look up close, and every stitch is perfectly aligned with its neighbor, every thread a mirror of a larger pattern. This focus on detail subtly influences every component of the residences they design, so that every room harmonizes with the architecture, the setting, the furniture, and the artwork. Hand-carved moldings subtly reflect the embroidery of a throw pillow. The form of an antique chandelier echoes the drape of the silk curtains. Complementary colors emerge in the needlework of a rug, the brushstroke of an abstract painting, the fresh flowers on a table. Each room appears as the quintessence of effortless grace and balance, while only the designers know the meticulous research and extraordinary passion that went into creating such a perfectly harmonious space. The Detailed Interior: Decorating Up Close with Cullman & Kravis reveals how the firm achieves this effect, and how readers can employ these details to endow their rooms with the same sense of elegance and poise.

This book showcases a wide range of projects, from classic New York City pied-à-terres and penthouses to vast Connecticut estates, from airy Floridian mansions to luxurious ski retreats. Each project is illustrated with lavish full-color images, illuminating the effect of the room as a whole as well as providing close-up shots of precisely detailed spaces. The photography is coupled with informative text explaining how each of the room’s elements complement each other, breaking down how Ellie Cullman achieves these distinct interiors step by step.